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NFHS Celebrates 50 Years of Title IX

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In 1972, Title IX of the Education Amendments created athletic opportunities for all. The importance of girls' participation in all sports. The federal law forbids gender-based discrimination in any school or educational programs that receive federal funding.

To Celebrate the fiftieth year anniversary of the passage of Title IX, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) developed an online course program under #TitleIXat50, to educate others on the history and impact of Title IX.

“We have been engaged in a year-long national campaign around Title IX,” NFHS CEO, Dr. Karissa Niehoff said during Zoom Media Availability on June 7th.

The online course consists of what Title IX is and what it is not.

“We also have been telling a number of stories celebrating the wonderful pioneers from all of our fifty states in Washington D.C. who have paved the way for Title IX opportunities for both men and women,” Niehoff said.

There are multiple Title IX milestone articles and more to celebrate “the inspirational individuals and landmark moments in the history of Title IX, and continuing to grow the educational competitive opportunities for the future,” as listed on the website.

The NFHS would like Title IX at the “top of mind as we go forward.”

The NFHS summer meeting will be themed around Title IX and take place through this week.

There will be a number of female panelists and keynote speakers leading the meetings and a lot of “Celebratory Energy around what Title IX meant for young people both young people, boys and girls, nationwide,” Niehoff said.

The website campaign has many resources that are free to access and more will be added after the summer meeting and celebrations are held with the NFHS family.

In addition, there will be a number of speaking events held around the country and a lot of collaboration with coaching, officiating groups, schools and young people to talk about the importance of keeping a Title IX lens going forward after the anniversary.

On the anniversary, the NFHS reposted many celebratory posts to keep the legacy of Title IX alive.

Xavier College Preparatory Athletic Director Sister Lynn Winsor was interviewed by CBS Evening News (national) about her experience promoting Title IX at Xavier, Arizona and schools nationwide. Xavier has won 145 state championships since she took over the athletic departing in 1977, including 37 golf titles and 8 beach volleyball titles (beach volleyball just became an AIA varsity sport in 2012).

As an all girls school, the Athletic Department at Xavier has been able to provide many opportunities for girls in sports through Title IX.

The NFHS website also wrote, “Over 3.4 million girls participate in High School Athletics every year. This participation is fueled by the flagship legislation for girl’s participation, Title IX.”

You can go on the NFHS website and take the course to “understand the responsibilities of a school and staff pertaining to girls athletic programs.”

The course involving the Title IX campaign breaks down the factors involved in supporting girls programs.

The number of girls participating in high school sports increases daily. It is an exciting day in history that will create milestones and opportunities in young boys and girls forever all because of the passing of Title IX fifty years ago.

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