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Playing For A Winner

Updated: May 15, 2020

The head coach of ASU’s football program, Herm Edwards, has brought many talents to the desert ever since he has taken over. Ever since his coaching started at ASU it has diverted high school athletes with scholarship offers to look at playing in Tempe. One of those players is former high school star for 2018 WA State Champion O'Dea and Redshirt Freshman, Thomas Shorack. “I wanted to play football here at ASU because I think it is the perfect place for me to learn more about and get better at football and grow as a person with the help of a solid football staff,” said Shorack. This coach staff that Edwards has built around him consist of plenty of NFL experience. Two of them being him, who has plenty of head coaching history in the NFL and always been involved with the sport prior to him taking this job at ASU he would work for ESPN covering the NFL. Another person he got onto his staff is his co-defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis. Lewis has coached Cincinnati Bengals for many years prior to coming to ASU to help out Herm and his coaching staff. “Everyday doing some practice is what helps us get better. With the coronavirus it may have killed some hype, but I think it will drive us to work harder and be successful when it is all over,” said Shorack. This pandemic is affecting everyone in the world, especially anyone on a sports team at the college level. Times like these is when they practice and learn more about each other and miss out on bonding with teammates. This hurts freshmen like Shorack. “I think the coronavirus will be rough on the team physically because we are not all able to do the same workouts as before but everyone’s going through it and we’ll come out running,” said Shorack. The pandemic may be hindering the time Shorack gets to spend with his teammates, but he has been busy staying in shape as much as he can during this time with quarantine. “I have been running on the field, lifting, and doing body weight exercises.” When everything is over and things can go back to normal, Shorack looks forward to getting back with his teammates and to putting the work in to be the best they can be. “I expect the team and myself to come back with high energy and a hard work attitude once the [coronavirus quarantine] is lifted," Shorack responded when asked about the impact of this pandemic.

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