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Another Cali Devil: "Flash" Pierce

Updated: May 15, 2020

Ever since Herm Edwards has been brought in as their head coach at Arizona State, he has been able to bring in many different recruits from out of state high schools and junior colleges. His NFL playing and coaching experience really makes players want to come study under him. One of those recruits, who came from a junior college, is senior Brandon Pierce. Pierce is known for his blazing speed running a 4.31 40 yard dash. The coronavirus has caused many problems in all sports, especially with football where getting up close and hitting is the main aspect of the game. It has slowed down the progress for all teams, including Arizona State's football program. "We made a lot of progress before the cancellation, but we still have a lot to work on to put the pieces together," Pierce continued, "It will affect us and every other team in the country." During the quarantine, the athletes are not allowed to go outside or use any of their facilities at the school, so the players must use different methods of training to help further their progress leading into next season. All of their work has to be at home, and it is not just physical work. "I've mainly done just a lot of mental training, which I believe is most important," Pierce stated. With the pandemic going on, all there is to do is think about next season (if it is allowed) and what the goals are for the players and the team as a whole. Pierce said it straight up, he wants to go undefeated next season and bring home a Pac-12 Championship back to Tempe. The biggest decision made by a college football player is choosing where they want to go to school. You never know if a recruit will ditch their hometown and go to a big school, stay close to home, or go to the school that they have been dreaming of going to since they were a little kid. What made the Arizona State players choose Tempe over the other schools? "Coach Herm, the Pac-12 Conference, and I wanted to leave home but not go too far," Pierce mentioned. These are the various reasons on why Brandon Pierce came to ASU, but Herm Edwards was the main. Knowing Herm was the reason this speedy receiver chose Tempe should be even more of a reason for more recruits to come play for him.

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