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Aashari Crosswell's "Rose Bowl Mentality

Updated: May 15, 2020

The new culture in Tempe that ASU head coach Herm Edwards has created has attracted many high school football athletes across the nation. Junior Aashari Crosswell played safety at Long Beach Poly and chose to play his football in Tempe. Crosswell has his eyes set to play football after the college level, he wants to play in the NFL and get drafted to a team early. He made it clear that he joined this ASU team with the great coaching staff they have. “What made me come to Tempe to play football was coach Herm and Pierce. I have big trust in them to make me a first-round draft pick and plus the Tempe area is really lovely to me,” said Crosswell. Prior to coronavirus affecting everyone’s lives and the possibility of their season, things were going great for ASU. “The team process in spring practice was great, we were competing every time while being on the field and started to get into that Rose Bowl mentality,” said Crosswell. The virus has caused facilities that players would train in to shut down, but it does not stop him and his teammates from staying fit. “It has affected the team’s success a little bit because we are not practicing anymore. We can’t use the football facility like usual, but we know what to do during this crisis as an athlete,” said Crosswell. “During this quarantine to stay in shape I will run around my block a few times to keep my cardio up and do push ups and ladder drills. After that go over my playbook and watch a little bit of film.” It is not ideal that the players cannot see each other or their coaches and doing team activities. But players in the program like him and others are clearly committed to their coaches’ program and staying ready for anything that comes their way. In this case it is the pandemic, and it is not affecting Crosswell’s mindset on their goals for next season they want to achieve. “My expectations for the team is to keep that same brotherhood we have and go undefeated this year, but me personally being a leader on this lockdown defense this upcoming season and lead the Pac-12 with Interceptions and tackles for loss,” said Crosswell. This coaching staff Edwards has provided has brought many eyes of high school football athletes to come play for them and learn from them.

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